Booking Terms & Conditions

1. Terms of Payment
  •  A 50% deposit or payment in full is required at the time of booking,
  • If paying a deposit at the time of booking, payment in full should be made 7 working days(2) prior to the start of the course(1).
  • SWT will not process certification claims or issue certificates unless payment has been made in full

2. Cancellation & re-book charges


Reschedule Booking

Reschedule Booking (Multiple Courses(1))

Cancel Booking

Cancel Booking

(Multiple Courses(1))

Greater than 15 working days(2) in advance of course start date





8 to 15 working days(2) in advance of course start date

25% of Booking

50% of Booking

Less than 7 working days(2) in advance of course start date

100% of Booking

100% of Booking

3. Rescheduling of courses by SWT

  • In exceptional circumstances Steve Willis Training reserves the right to cancel a course(1) and transfer all bookings to a later date. If this is not acceptable to the customer, the booking will be cancelled and a full refund provided.

4. Delegate substitutions

  • Delegates can be substituted free of charge at any time prior to the course (1) starting, unless costs have already been incurred for exam entries, study materials or a late examination entry fee is applicable.  Any costs already incurred will be payable.

5. Pre-requisite qualification evidence

  • It is the responsibility of the delegate to provide the required evidence of pre-requisite qualifications prior to the course (1).  If this isn’t provided in advance, you may be given the option to complete an initial assessment instead of a reassessment where feasible.
  • SWT will not accept liability for loss of earnings resulting from a delay or refusal of certification by our Certification Body or registration by Gas Safe Register where the operative has failed to provide the necessary pre-requisite qualification evidence.

6. Changes in course(1) content

  • SWT reserves the right to change the course(1) content without prior notice, to accommodate up to the moment information.

7. Trainers and Assessors

  • SWT is unable to guarantee named Trainers or Assessors and it may be necessary to use alternative personnel from that advertised or advised at the time of booking.

8. Liability of property

  • SWT does not accept responsibility or liability in respect of loss or damage to any property brought to the premises of SWT or any other premises or site used by SWT.  It is the responsibility of the delegate or the delegate’s company to arrange appropriate insurance.

9.Liability for accidents or damage to SWT premises or property

  • A delegate or delegate’s company shall indemnify SWT for the negligent or criminal damage to premises or property of SWT or property used by SWT.
  • SWT does not accept liability for any damage caused as a result of negligent acts or omissions by its employees or consultants except for its statutory liability for death or personal injury.

 10. Processing of certification

  • We aim to process all assessment paperwork to our awarding organisations at the earliest opportunity.
  • For ACS schemes, certification claims will be sent to our Certification Body within 10 working days of assessment completion or final payment of fees.

 11. Copyright

  • SWT, its printers and publishers reserve proprietary rights on all courses, notes and study material provided.
  • No part of the course(1), notes or study material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means or stored in any retrieval system of any nature without written permission of SWT, its printers or publishers.

All bookings are subject to the above terms and conditions and constitute a legally binding contract under English law.

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Course(1), assessment or any other service provided by SWT.

Working days(2) are Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays.

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