Apprentice Case Study - Rosie Pottle

14th September 2017

Rosie Pottle - Level 3 NVQ Gas Utilisation

Rosie started her Apprenticeship in September 2013 and works for Northpole Energy in Maidstone. In 2015 she won a Recognition of Achievement Award and now she features in a video for the #Limitless campaign to energise young women to apply for Apprenticeships in male-dominated sectors. 


Why did you choose an Apprenticeship?

I liked school, but I felt that doing an Apprenticeship you are treated more like an adult. You have to do the job to learn it - you can't learn a trade in a classroom!

Why did you choose Steve Willis Training?

It was recommended to me by a colleague who did his apprenticeship at Steve Willis. My employer also advised me to go there - he said there is no other training centre like it. Although I had to travel further to attend, I didn't mind as they have such a good reputation.

What's the training like?

I attend Steve Willis Training one day per week and work together with my classmates in the classroom and workshop doing theory and practical tasks.  Our tutors make learning fun. My employer supports me in the workplace with my learning and has also paid for me to attend additional courses at Steve Willis Training to broaden my skills and knowledge in the industry.

What's the best thing about your Apprenticeship?

Learning on the job and earning a wage while you learn! I want to carry on learning and gain my commercial gas qualifications for mobile catering vans. It will help me to grow my own business, Rosie Glow, too.

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