Career change case study - Sean Kavanagh

11th April 2018

Sean came to Steve Willis Training looking for change after 25 years with the Royal Mail.

Needing some direction and doubting his own capabilities, he had a long chat with Managing Director Steve who gave him the confidence he needed to start a whole new career. Sean started on the GGFO gas pathway and received all the training and support he needed from the trainers at the Burgess Hill Centre.

It says it wasn't always easy, as Sean says himself: "Sometimes I stumbled but each time I fell I was picked up and guided by the fantastic staff this centre has." 

After completing his qualification, he is working in the gas industry.

And was all the hard work worth it?

"It's tough, but as long as you have the determination you can and will succeed. Now I have only the future in front of me..."

  • BPEC
  • City & Guilds
  • Apprenticeships

  • Career Transition Partnership
  • ELC
  • ERS
  • European Social Fund
  • Matrix