Women in Engineering - Michelle Manley

21st June 2018

Michelle Manley - GGFO Gas Engineering

 Michelle is taking her GGFO Gas Pathway at Steve Willis Training Centres in Burgess Hill. 

What made you want to take the GGFO course?

I've been working in the gas industry, for my husband's company, for 3 years so I wanted to get my qualification so I could get out on site and bring more money into the business.

Why did you come to Steve Willis Training? 

Because it's fabulous! Seriously, my mentor trained here, so when we were looking around he said “Just go to Steve Willis” because he knew that what they do here is correct. 

What do you enjoy most about being a heating engineer?

Not being sat behind a desk! Being on the job, doing physical stuff is much better than just sitting on your bum for 8 hours a day. And the money is good too...

Have you faced any obstacles as a woman in the industry? 

No not really. It’s a bit weird when you walk into the merchants and they don’t talk to you. My local merchants are used to me now, but when you walk into any kind of merchants or warehouse, everyone just looks at you. 

You're the only woman in this class - why do you think that is and what would you say to girls to encourage them to take up a career in gas engineering?

I don't know why it is - maybe it's because people think girls aren't supposed to do engineering work, they're supposed to sit in an office with the heating on! But I'd say to them why not?! If you want to be sat in an office then fine, but if you’d rather be up and about...


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