National Apprenticeship Week - Gary Bieske

5th February 2020

Gary Bieske - Year 2 Gas Apprentice

Gary is in the second year of his gas engineering apprenticeship at our Portchester Training Centre, and works for Liberty Gas.

What made you apply for an apprenticeship?

I'd heard about people spending 5 years at uni then still not getting the job they wanted. With an apprenticeship you choose early and learn the trade. 

What is the best thing about your apprenticeship? 

Earning and learning at the same time!

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to your friends and family?

100% - it's just a shame they can be hard to find sometimes

What have you gained personally from your apprenticeship?

More self respect. I'm only 23 and at the "bottom of the food chain" in some ways, but it's really helped me learn more about the job and given me more life experience.

How have you found the apprenticeship experience overall?

Very pleasant! With a very professional tutor at the training centre and helpful work colleagues I've really enjoyed the whole process so far.

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