National Apprenticeship Week 2023 - John Coughlan

8th February 2023

Q - Who is your employer and what do they do? (We may need permission to add this in from the company)

KT Electrics, they specialise in domestic new builds but also work within the commercial field.

Q - Name, what year they're in and what they're doing?

John Coughlan, 2nd year.

Q - Why did you apply for an apprenticeship?

I was looking for a career change and started working with an electrician to earn a bit of extra money. Previously I was working within the golf industry. I felt that the electrical industry paid better and provided a better work/life balance. There is also the potential of becoming self-employed. I therefore got a job with KT Electrics who helped me get a place at Steve Willis.

Q - What has your experience with Steve Willis Training been like?

My experience was been positive. The initial contact with Colleen, Luke and team in the office was professional and concise, they answered all of my questions relating to the course. Whilst at college the classes have also been good. Both the practical and theory classes have been thorough, the teachers care about what they are teaching and are well prepared for classes. This has benefited me in my test results and in the workplace. 

Q - What has been the best part of your apprenticeship so far?

The practical classes were great at giving me the knowledge that I needed to progress whilst at work. I also think that the mock exams have been tough, but helpful at preparing us for the real exams.

 Q - What new skills have you gained from your apprenticeship?

There are lots of little things, but conduit practical work comes to mind as something that I don’t do much of at work which I learnt at college. For example, steel conduit bends and running couplers.

 Q - Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?

Yes, I have recommended it to my brother who is a personal trainer, he loves his job but works unsociable hours for a modest salary.  

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