Case Study

We Spoke To Warden Park Academy

Apprenticeship School Taster Session - Warden Park Academy

What did you think of the engineering taster session conducted by the Steve Willis Apprenticeship Team?
The session was good and it was fun to do. The practical of the course and how we were able to try it. There was nothing that I didn’t enjoy. It has made me more interested in engineering because I like the hands-on aspect. I might do it or go to college.
What did you enjoy most about the taster session?
Making the electrical circuit.
What did you enjoy the least about the taster session?
Has it made you more or less interested in pursuing an Apprenticeship in Engineering, and why?
More interested.
Do you think you might apply for an apprenticeship (in any profession) when you leave Warden Park Academy?
If you are thinking of applying for an apprenticeship, what would you like to do? Will you be applying to Steve Willis Training Centres to attend an assessment day?
I would like to do an electrical apprenticeship.