Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am a complete beginner and want to learn new skills - are your courses suitable for me?

A. YES. We offer courses in gas, electrical and oil which are all suited to new entrants and offer a recognised training route into your chosen industry. We start with the basics and follow a structured learning plan to provide you with the necessary technical and practical knowledge. All of our courses must be underpinned with on-job experience.

Q. I've got some qualifications already but I'm not sure if they are relevant

A. If you email or send us copies of your certificates, one of our sales consultants will assess the relevance of these against your chosen training programme (sometimes we need more information and will ask you to complete a course application form). Some qualifications will count towards RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) or RPA (Recognition of Prior Assessment) meaning that you may be eligible for a reduction in the scope of your assessment, or you may qualify for a reduction in any on-job experience requirement. 

Q. I have been working as a Plumber for the last 5 years but don’t have any formal qualifications; will this work experience help me achieve domestic gas qualifications?

A. YES. Proven periods of work experience in a related or similar industry is invaluable as you will be well prepared to extend your knowledge and skills in the gas industry. Take a look at the Applicant Information page to find out more. 

Q. Why would I choose your centre in preference to another?

A. Our professional reputation in the industry is second to none. We provide quality, focused training in our modern well equipped centres and our trainers have wide ranging industry experience and knowledge. We also go the extra mile to ensure you are fully supported during training and well prepared for exams and assessments. We would strongly recommend that you visit us - and other prospective centres - to view the range of training equipment  and facilities available to you before you buy a course. 

Q. Money is a bit tight at the moment, how can I pay for my training courses?

A. We can arrange for you to pay for your courses in manageable interest free instalments, subject to a minimum deposit being paid at the time of booking. Please call our sales consultants to see how we can help. 

Q. I want to self-certify my own domestic electrical work, what qualifications do I need?

A. This varies according to the chosen registration body (eg NICEIC, ELECSA etc). You can rest assured that our range of courses will satisfy the qualification requirements relating to scheme registration. The registration body will also need to assess your on-job experience before allowing you to sign off your own work.  

Q. Do I need to renew my Unvented Hot Water qualification?

A. YES. The qualification lasts for five years. If you're Gas Safe or OFTEC registered, please remember to send them a copy of your certificate. After renewal (unlike the Gas and Oil certification schemes, there is no automatic download of your qualifications).

Q. I am interested in doing an Apprenticeship, how do I choose between Plumbing and Gas?

A. There is a lot of confusion in this area as many of our applicants and employers think they need Plumbing when actually Gas is more suited to their needs - for example heating engineers would probably be more suited to a Gas Apprenticeship. Come along to one of our Apprenticeship Initial Assessment days to find out more about the different schemes on offer. We can help you make an informed decision on which scheme is best suited to you. 

Q. My son / daughter wants to do an Apprenticeship, how can we find out more?

A. We are specialists in Gas, Plumbing and Electrical Apprenticeships with over 16 years' experience. For further information visit the Apprenticeships section of the website, or speak to our Apprenticeships Team on 01444 870860 or 02392 190190.

Q. Why should I choose Steve Willis Training for my child's Apprenticeship training?

A. We all want the best for our children, and there is no decision that's more important in terms of their Apprenticeship and career. We'd recommend that you visit all of the providers that you are considering, and ask to see their training and workshop facilities. You should also ask about their Success Rates - these are in the public domain and show how successful the provider is in terms of retaining Apprentices and getting them through the necessary examinations that go with their Apprenticeship Framework. For further information visit the Apprenticeships section of the website, or speak to our Apprenticeships Team on 01444 870860 or 02392 190190.


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