Apprenticeships on the up...

18th December 2019

As 2019 draws to a close and thoughts are turning festive, we're reflecting on a good year for apprenticeships and looking forward to what the new decade may bring...

For young people (and their parents!) an apprenticeship has never looked like a better option, and  "earn while you learn" certainly has more appeal than "student debt."

For anyone who wants to get started on their career, an apprenticeship offers the perfect combination of training and experience, and the introduction of degree apprenticeships has enhanced their standing. 

Back in the autumn when the A-level results came out, the Chartered Management Institute published a survey showing that a majority of parents said apprenticeships were a better choice than university:

The quality of training on offer is an important part of this of course, and at Steve Willis Training we're proud of our reputation as a provider of choice in the gas, plumbing and electrical sector. Our success rates are well above the national average in this sector, with an outstanding learner satisfaction rate of 96%.

If you're thinking about the possibilities of an apprenticeship, come along to an open day at our training centres in February and find out what it's all about. 

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