Light up your business with an Electrical Apprentice...

16th September 2020

We’re starting an extra Electrical Apprenticeship course at Portchester in November and we’ve got some fantastic young people assessed and raring to go – all they need is an employer like you.  

There are also training spaces available if you already have someone in mind - we'll help you with everything you need to get them set up as your apprentice. 

Taking on an apprentice is the perfect way to expand your business, and there are new financial incentives from the government too...

Until 31st January 2021, any employer taking on a new apprentice will receive the following incentive payments from the government: 

£3,000 for 16-18 year olds

£2,000 for 19-24 year olds

£1,500 for over 25s

That's on top of the 100% government funding for apprenticeship training for 16-18 year olds and 95% for 19+ apprentices,


Contact Kat in our Apprenticeships Team to find out more - 02392 190190 / 07702 71922 /


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