Are you Apprentice ready?

19th March 2021

If you’re planning to take on an Apprentice in 2021, or even if you’re just thinking about it, join the Digital Apprenticeship Service now.

You now need a DAS account to take on an apprentice and access the government funding to pay for their training – including the extra incentive payments currently available. .

You don’t have to wait until you’re ready to recruit – it’s free to register and you can set up your account in advance.

And if you already employ an apprentice but don’t have a DAS account,  you’ll still need to set one up if you want to recruit again.

To join the Digital Apprenticeship Service your business needs to be set up for PAYE and this can take up to 20 days to activate. Set up your account now, then if you register a new apprentice before 30 September you’ll be able to claim your £3,000 incentive payment - don’t wait until the last minute or you could miss out!

There’s a government webinar on 14th April that will explain how it all works. Follow this link to register:

If you’d like some more support, our Apprenticeships Team is ready to help – we can guide you through the set up process.

Email or give us a call...

Colleen:     07720 736252  (Burgess Hill)
Kat:            07702 719222  (Portchester)


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