Work experience at Steve Willis Training Centres

4th July 2023

I am a student in my first year at BHASVIC college, Brighton, and for my work experience, I chose Steve Willis Training to learn new skills and to acclimatise myself to an authentic working environment, preparing me for my future career. In just three days I was given the opportunity to work with three different departments in the company: short course administration, sales and marketing, and the apprenticeships team. With this wide-ranged experience, I was able to learn from practiced individuals in various lines of work and learn about the company from a wider perspective. Personally, I felt Steve Willis training was a perfect placement for me as I plan to study English at university and hope to pursue a vocation in marketing or publication: the skills I learned here were a great stepping stone for what I hope to achieve in the future and I was guided every step of the way by the informative staff employed here. By Eve.


  • BPEC
  • City & Guilds
  • Apprenticeships

  • Career Transition Partnership
  • ELC
  • ERS
  • European Social Fund
  • Matrix