Contactum's Generous Contribution at our Burgess Hill Centre.

28th July 2023

Contactum, a subsidiary of the Alfanar Group, has recently provided extensive support for the development of Steve Willis Training's third-year apprentice inspection and testing facility. This significant revamp is underway at our Burgess Hill site. It involves a major overhaul and investment at our Burgess Hill centre with the construction of a larger inspection and testing area. The purpose of this expansion is not only to accommodate a larger number of students but also to create twelve distinct and individual inspection and testing bays, with Contactum's generous supply of the necessary electrical materials. These bays will be specifically designed to challenge and enhance the apprentices' knowledge and understanding of the inspection and testing process.

Each bay will be comprised of a combination of single-phase and three-phase installations, each featuring a unique electrical setup and a couple of switchable and/or visual faults. These faults are being integrated to ensure that the apprentices gain a diverse range of experiences within a safe training environment. For instance, one bay represents a single-phase domestic property with power and lighting on both the ground floor and upper level. This setup will be arranged around a property layout where sockets and switches are installed in each room. Another bay will showcase a three-phase commercial property complete with metallic containment, SWA, SY flex, motors, and UPS systems. Additionally, there will be an outdoor garden area featuring lighting, a power supply, a hot tub, a shed, a pond pump, and an earth rod. Not to mention, there are also provisions for solar PV and battery storage systems, among other installations.

The collaboration between Contactum and Steve Willis Training Centres ensures that our apprentices have access to the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology manufactured by Contactum. This commitment enables us to consistently produce top-tier apprentices and provide unwavering support to our employer partnerships. As a result, we are further solidifying our position as one of the leading apprenticeship training providers in the United Kingdom.



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