New to gas or experienced engineer?

Before deciding which course is right for you, check which category of candidate you are:

Experienced Gas Engineer (previously called Category 1)

New Entrant with Transferable Skills or Experience (previously called Category 2)

New Entrant without Transferable Skills or Experience (previously called Category 3)

Experienced Gas Engineer

Candidates regarded as experienced gas fitting operatives from within or outside the UK. Training requirements include:

  1. Seeking to renew expiring or expired certificates of gas safety competence or gas utilisation qualification.
  2. Seeking assessment and certification to extend their range of gas work.
  3. Foreign nationals seeking to obtain certificates of gas safety competence enabling them to meet UK gas work requirements must present evidence of their gas fitting qualifications and experience. Translations of this information will be necessary when not presented in English and must be independently translated by a sworn translator of English and include an appropriate recognition statement confirming the translators eligibility.
  4. Seeking to obtain ACS certificates of gas safety competence but hold a gas utilisation qualification i.e. QCF or S/NVQs.

Applicants in this category will need to provide evidence that they possess a gas fitting qualification or certificate(s) of gas competence issued either within or outside the UK - the qualification can have expired, but only within the past 5 years, any longer and they will be classed as a New Entrant with Transferable Skills or Experience.

Applicants in this category who only hold limited scope certificates of gas safety competence which do not require connection to a live gas supply or who are not required to enter a property will if they intend to extend their range of gas work, present evidence of that additional gas work experience prior to taking assessment.  (See evidence requirements detailed in the New Entrant categories below).

New Entrant with Transferable Skills or Experience

Candidates holding a nationally recognised qualification, e.g. NVQ or City & Guilds craft certificate in a trade associated with gas work, such as plumbing. Evidence is required to show that candidates meet one of the following requirements: 

  1. Hold qualifications relevant to the area of gas work in which they are seeking to obtain certification or are enrolled with an Approved Centre (such as Steve Willis Training), registered with a Certified Body, and undertaking an S/NVQ award which has a requirement of gas work to be included in the award, and ACS certification as an integral part of that award. 
  2. Have undertaken ‘on the job’ gas installation and/or maintenance training that would support their application for the range of assessments to be undertaken. That evidence shall be in writing from the employer detailing precisely the type, range and volume of gas work carried out.

In order for us to evaluate the evidence and make a professional judgement on its content and suitability, we will need to be satisfied that the applicant has a sufficiency and range of gas work experience relating to the application in accordance with the following requirements:

  • The start and end dates of the off job training programme.
  • The start and end dates of the on job training programme.
  • The types and sufficiency of gas work undertaken (not plumbing or other work related activities).
  • The name(s) of the competent operative(s) of the business that has provided the on the job training.

We are able to provide a framework to assist in providing this evidence along with guidance on typical on/off the job training durations.  Where there is any doubt over the authenticity of information presented by the applicant we will decline access to ACS assessment.

Applicants who do not have the required experience will be classed as New Entrants without Transferable Skills or Experience.

New Entrants without Transferable Skills or Experience

A new entrant to the gas industry, without any relevant related qualification and/or experience, entering employment for the first time or changing career direction.

For further information see our Information for New Entrants page

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