If you are a new entrant to the gas industry, without any relevant related qualification and/or experience, entering employment for the first time or changing career direction, you are a classed as a New Entrant without Transferable Skills or Experience. We offer a comprehensive range of training for new entrants to the gas industry.

Our Managed Learning Programme is the Guild of Gas Fitting Operative Gas Pathway (available as Domestic or Commercial) which complies with the IGEM/IG/1 Standards of Training in Gas Work published by the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers – this standard is available as a free download IGEM/IG/1  We deliver this programme as an ERS approved training centre.  

Training routes include:

  1. Attaining a regulated qualification (eg NVQ) containing recognised Gas Utilisation units or to undertaking a Managed Learning Programme (MLP) recognised and approved by the Standards Setting Body and obtaining relevant gas work experience (minimum 90 days) with a Gas Safe Registered business which is willing to support the compilation of an auditable portfolio of gas work, prior to application to undertake ACS assessment. 
  2. Training and experience which will result in attainment of a regulated qualification within the mechanical / building services engineering sector. This shall be supported with related on the job gas training and experience as detailed above.
  3. Obtaining employment with a Gas Safe Registered business which is willing to provide an auditable extended “in house” gas training programme incorporating both on and off the job components with organisational support prior to the applicant taking ACS assessment

We are able to provide a framework to assist in providing required evidence along with guidance on typical on/off the job training durations. Where there is any doubt over the authenticity of information presented by the applicant we will decline access to ACS assessment.

We currently offer two pathways to qualification for new entrants to the gas industry:

GGFO Domestic Pathway New Entrant Gas Managed Learning Programme

GGFO Commercial Pathway New Entrant Gas Managed Learning Programme

 If you are looking for a Commercial Catering pathway, please contact our Sales Team to discuss options. 

All training and entry routes to Gas Safe Register are fully compliant with the new ACS Entry Routes and Changeover Requirements - Guidance Note 8.

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