At Steve Willis Training we provide training for new entrants to the oil industry who are classed as Category 3 applicants.  

You are considered to be a Category 3 Applicant if you are new to the oil industry and do not have any qualifications or experience in a related trade (plumbing, heating and ventilation or gas) .  Category 3 Applicants may also be people who are entering employment or changing career direction, and in this case you should undertake an apprenticeship/NVQ or an extended period of training and obtain a portfolio of evidence. 

Category 3 Applicants for oil courses will be assessed on a case by case basis, to ensure the course is suitable. Please contact our Sales Consultants for further advice.  Once satisfactory evidence of experience has been produced, candidates may start their training by attending our OFTEC10 - 101 (Commissioning & Servicing Pressure Jet appliances) Oil Practical Pre-Training Day. This will then be followed by the relevant training and assessment courses for the oil assessment category you require.

  • BPEC
  • City & Guilds
  • Apprenticeships

  • Career Transition Partnership
  • ELC
  • ERS
  • European Social Fund
  • Matrix