Information for Parents and Guardians

A Guide for Parents and Guardians.

After completing their education and leaving school, young people are presented with numerous opportunities for their future. This comprehensive guide aims to highlight the advantages and vital role of apprenticeships in paving the way to a prosperous career. Whether you are a parent, guardian, caregiver, or educator, you possess the ability to aid them in discovering a suitable career path.

Modern apprenticeship programs are meticulously crafted by employers to align with the specific skills, knowledge, and behaviours essential for various occupations. Furthermore, apprenticeship training is held to rigorous standards, exclusively delivered by accredited providers listed in the apprenticeship training register. Opting for an apprenticeship entails not just acquiring knowledge but also earning a wage simultaneously. Apprentices engage in genuine work experiences while dedicating at least 20% of their time to training, ensuring proficiency in their chosen occupation.

What exactly is an apprenticeship?

It is a genuine employment opportunity that combines on-the-job training with the opportunity to earn a nationally recognised qualification. The key advantage of an apprenticeship is that you can earn a salary while you learn. In addition, apprentices are entitled to paid holiday leave.

What are the benefits?

One of the great benefits of an apprenticeship is the potential for career progression. Whether you want to pursue further education or climb the ranks within your chosen field, an apprenticeship can provide excellent opportunities for advancement. It is worth noting that apprentices also tend to enjoy increased earning potential as they receive salary increases once their training is complete.

Entry Requirements.

To be eligible for an apprenticeship, you must be over the age of 16 and reside in England. The specific entry requirements vary depending on the sector and occupation.

Why Gas and Electrical?

Apprenticeships in the field of gas and electrical work offer a promising career path for individuals looking to enter the skilled trades industry. With a blend of theory knowledge and hands-on experience, apprenticeships equip individuals with the necessary skills and expertise to work with gas and electrical systems safely and efficiently.

Apprenticeships offer numerous benefits for individuals seeking a career in gas and electrical work. Some key advantages include:

  • Practical Learning Opportunities.

Apprentices gain hands-on experience, working on real projects alongside experienced professionals. They have the chance to apply theory knowledge in practical settings, enhancing their understanding of gas and electrical systems.

  • Industry Relevant Skills.

Apprentices develop a wide range of skills, including installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of gas and electrical systems. They become proficient in reading blueprints, following safety procedures, and using various tools and equipment.

  • Employment Opportunities.

Completion of a gas or electrical apprenticeship opens doors to a range of employment opportunities. Skilled apprentices are highly sought after in industries such as construction, engineering, and maintenance.

Gas and electrical apprenticeships provide a solid foundation for individuals aspiring to pursue careers in the skilled trade industry. It equips them with essential skills, industry knowledge, and hands-on experience to navigate the complexities of gas and electrical systems. With the benefits of practical learning opportunities and a wide range of employment prospects, apprenticeships in gas and electrical work are an excellent choice for those seeking a rewarding career.

Why Steve Willis Training Centres?

Our expertise lies in the fields of Gas, Electrical, and Plumbing services, and we take great pride in our well-equipped training centres. With industry professionals providing top-notch training, we ensure that our apprentices receive the best education possible. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a greater number of training days and maintain smaller class sizes, resulting in outstanding success rates for our apprentices. Furthermore, we do not have rigid application criteria; instead, we offer continuous support throughout your apprenticeship journey and assist you in finding suitable employment.

How do You Apply?

In England, a vast range of career opportunities and industries offer numerous apprenticeship vacancies that can be accessed online. They can be easily found by visiting the Gov – apply for an apprenticeship. The search can be filtered by using keywords such as job role, occupation type, or apprenticeship level, as well as location. Once a suitable position is discovered, individuals simply need to register on the website and follow the straightforward instructions provided to apply for the desired role.