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Steve Willis Training Centres are specialists in Gas, Electrical and Plumbing apprenticeships. Our apprenticeship programmes offer an exceptional opportunity to master a trade by combining hands-on training with an employer and engaging in practical and classroom sessions at our modern, well-equipped training facilities located in Burgess Hill, West Sussex and Portchester, Hampshire.

We offer an exceptional opportunity to acquire a skilled trade through our apprenticeship programme.

With our extensive 20-year-plus experience, we boast a team of professional trainers who have a profound background in the industry. Throughout your apprenticeship journey, they will serve as your mentors, providing guidance and unwavering support.

We Build Skills, We Build Futures

Why Choose Our Apprenticeships

There is no upper age limit for apprenticeships, and you will earn whilst you learn. Employers are supported by government funding arrangements.

You’ll earn a wage while working towards recognised Gas, Plumbing or Electrical qualifications. Starting with the basics, you’ll learn the skills you need as you work on the job with your employer, and come one day a week to the training centre to learn in our fully equipped workshops and classrooms.

  • We are specialists in Gas, Electrical, Renewables and Plumbing with well-equipped training centres and first-class training from industry professionals.
  • More training days than many of our competitors, and smaller class sizes mean excellent success rates for our apprentices.
  • No strict application criteria, we give you support throughout your apprenticeship and help you find an employer.
  • Earn while you learn and gain valuable work experience.
  • Gain an industry-recognised qualification, including Functional Skills in English and Maths.
  • Start your career – many apprentices receive a job offer on completion of their course.
  • Find out more in the Government’s Information Guide

Unlocking your potential

Skilled Trades and Vocational Professions

Electrical Apprenticeships

Qualify to be recognised as a ‘Qualified Electrician’ with all the accredited industry trade organisations.

Electrical Apprenticeships

More specific program breakdowns and how to apply can be found on the Electrical Programmes page.
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Gas Apprenticeships

Qualify to become a recognised 'Level 3 Gas Operative, Heating & Renewables Engineer'. Natural Gas, core and up to four appliances.

Gas Apprenticeships

More specific program breakdown and how to apply can be found on the Gas Programmes page.
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Renewables Apprenticeships

The Renewables Standard Apprenticeship plan is currently being implemented. Stay tuned for further updates.

Renewables Apprenticeships

This programme is currently under review. Please see Gas Apprenticeships for Renewable modules.
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Helping you get started

Are you a new apprentice looking for an employer, or an employer looking for an apprentice?

Learner Hub

Visit the Learner Hub where you can find helpful support and advice on applying and preparing for an apprenticeship.

Employer Hub

Visit the Employer Hub where you can find helpful support and advice on the benefits and how to employ apprentices.
Let's Talk...

Reach out to our friendly Apprenticeships team

Unlock a world of opportunities for both apprentices and employers with our comprehensive apprenticeship solutions. Whether you’re eager to learn and grow or looking to invest in your workforce, our team is here to guide you.

Information For Parents

Are you a parent of a budding apprentice? Here's the information you need...

Success Stories

Real Apprenticeship Journeys

What year are you in and what course are you on?

In my third year, Level 3 installation and maintenance electrician.

What year are you in and what course are you on?

First year electrical apprentice

What year are you in and what course are you on?

I’m in my first year of a gas engineer apprenticeship.