Recruiting an Apprentice

Expanding and Enhancing Your Business.

Numerous employers are beginning to witness the advantages that apprenticeships can offer. Employing an apprentice provides an excellent chance for individuals to expand and develop, which in turn can greatly benefit your organisation. Apprenticeships serve as a means for employers to not only acquire and train new employees but also cultivate fresh and dedicated talent within their own ranks. Additionally, apprenticeships present cost-effective methods of training your current workforce, ensuring that their skills align with both your present and future requirements.

To access funding opportunities for apprenticeships, apprentices must enrol in officially recognised qualifications referred to as apprenticeships standards or frameworks. This process can be intricate and demanding. Ensuring their eligibility is crucial as it enables you to take advantage of government funding to assist with training in your business or recover your apprenticeship levy. However, for numerous employers, this can prove to be a challenging endeavour. Faced with the administrative complexities of recruiting and hiring apprentices, many find it easier to give up and miss out on the remarkable benefits that apprenticeships offer. At Steve Wills Training our apprenticeship team are here to help and give guidance.

Apprentices at Steve Willis Training Centres are trained by a dedicated team of highly skilled engineers who are dedicated educators who wholeheartedly desire to witness their learners thrive. With their extensive expertise spanning the gas and electrical industries, they possess all the necessary proficiency, expertise, and unwavering dedication to deliver training of the utmost quality.

Why choose Steve Willis Training for your Apprentice?

Rest assured that we will find the ideal candidate for you – the newest addition to your workforce. Steve Willis Training Centres organises Assessment Days specifically designed for prospective apprentices. These days consist of a trade selection test process to ensure that individuals possess the academic potential to successfully complete their apprenticeship. Additionally, a one-on-one interview is conducted to assess whether they possess the right attitude, making them suitable for our recommendation to potential employers. The candidates who pass this assessment will be awarded a Steve Willis Training ‘Certificate of Recommendation,’ which guarantees them a position to commence their apprenticeship at Steve Willis Training Centres. However, this position is subject to securing employment in the upcoming academic year, which typically begins in September.

If you already have a potential apprentice in mind, they can participate in one of our Assessment Days, and we will provide you with comprehensive feedback about their performance. Furthermore, our services extend to advertising your vacancy and managing applicants according to your specific requirements. Once you are ready to proceed with interviews, you have the freedom to select the candidates you wish to involve. Alternatively, you can also attend the Initial Assessment Days if you prefer a more hands-on approach.