Case Study

We Spoke To Zoe Cobb - Company Secretary & Office Manager

Cobb Electrical

A brief description of what the organisation does?
Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Contractors
What is your organisation's experience of taking on apprentices?
Over the years we have taken on many apprenticeships, something we have tried to do every year
Why did you decide to start taking on apprentices?
Great combination of learning and skills to get the qualifications required for this trade
How many apprentices do you currently employ?
Currently three
What benefits have you seen to your organisation from taking on apprentices?
Apprentices learning how we work as a firm, building up a good rapport with both staff and our regular customers. Apprentices tend to stay with the company once their apprenticeship has been completed
What is the top reason why other businesses should consider taking on apprentices?
Great way of giving young persons a chance to learn and progress in a skilled trade