Case Study

We Spoke To Kim Glasgow - Apprentice & Early Careers Manager

Hyde Housing - Pic. Henry Jones

We spoke to Kim Glasgow, Apprentice & Early Careers Manager - Hyde Group.
Brief description of what the organisation does
We are one of the UK’s leading and award-winning providers of affordable housing in London, the South of England and neighbouring areas. We are primarily a group of ‘not-for-profit’ organisations (headed by Hyde Housing Association).
What is your organisation's experience of taking on apprentices?
This has been a valuable way to invest in early careers and to bring new talent into the organisation.
Why did you decide to take on apprentices?
To invest in social mobility through skills and career opportunities, which is the key objective.
How many apprentices do you currently employ?
What benefits have you seen to your organisation from taking on apprentices?
Enormous value added to the workforce. Our existing/experienced staff have benefited from it by enhancing their managerial skills, through developing, mentoring and coaching diverse candidates from a wide background of skills, knowledge and training needs. This has enhanced their ability to train and support staff from all backgrounds. It has helped Hyde to identify and create an employability and training strategy.
What is the top reason why other businesses should consider taking on apprentices?
It develops existing staff resourcefully and allows organisations to balance the cost of employing new staff, identifying new talent is also exercised. Candidates can learn whilst employed and can be trained to work towards a specific organisation’s process and culture.