Case Study

We Spoke To Alfie - Apprentice LJ Electrical Contractors Ltd

LJ Electrical Contractors Ltd - Apprentice Alfie

Who is your employer and what do they do?
LJ Electrical Contractors Ltd. They do all aspects of electrical work.
What year are you in and what course are you on?
In my third year, Level 3 installation and maintenance electrician.
Why did you apply for an apprenticeship?
The typical college/university route didn’t appeal to me.
What has your experience with Steve Willis Training been like?
All positive. The teachers are dedicated and have a really good approach to getting the best out of everyone.
What has been the best part of your apprenticeship so far?
Recently, it’s being trusted more at work and being able to look at my work and be proud of it.
What new skills have you gained from your apprenticeship?
Prior to my apprenticeship i had no experience with anything to do with tools or the trade, so everything i have learned has been a new skill. Everything from dealing with customers, to all the practical skills i have picked up from my electrical training and tips from other trades on site.