Electrical Safe Isolation

Safe Isolation

This course is ideal for plumbers, gas fitters, facilities managers, handymen, kitchen fitters and anyone working with electrical installations. For those in all trades to ensure they comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations to safely cut off supply and isolate equipment when working on electrical installations.

The course will be learnt using presentations, a practical demonstration by the tutor and hands-on practice on our training rigs. At the end of the course, candidates will have learnt:

  • The dangers of electricity.
  • The effects of current on the body.
  • The Electricity at Work Regulations applying to Safe Isolation.
  • The requirements of GS38 test equipment.
  • Safe isolation and testing for dead on electrical installations.

This is a short half-day course that will conclude with a practical and written assessment where the candidate will be required to demonstrate they can safely isolate and test for dead and electrical circuits. On successfully completing the course the candidate will be issued with an ERS Certificate of Safe Electrical Isolation.

Training Centres In Sussex & Hampshire