Essential Electrics

Essential Electrics

This qualification is aimed at plumbers, gas fitters and heating and ventilating engineers whose work requires basic knowledge and an understanding of electrical regulations. The course enables candidates to understand and work to the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

The course includes the following assessment criteria.

  • Recognise and calculate electrical quantities.
  • Identify common supply system arrangements.
  • Measure voltage, current and resistance values.
  • Identify any possible contraventions of the Electricity at Work Regulations
  • Safely isolate electrical equipment and circuits.
  • Survey an installation for electrical bonding.

The assessment has been designed to test the ability in the basic working procedures, standards and legislative requirements relating to work on or near electrically operated equipment. Successfully completing this course will enable candidates to exchange equipment including electrical pumps (such as central heating/shower or booster pumps), motorised valves, room thermostats and immersion heaters.

NB Connections to showers and cookers are not covered by this course.

This is a two-day course that includes a 30-minute open-book question paper and a two-hour practical assessment.

Training Centres In Sussex & Hampshire