Unvented and Vented Hot Water Systems

Unvented & Vented

This course is for experienced engineers from the plumbing, heating and ventilation, gas and related industries who wish to hold an industry-recognised qualification to install, commission or service Unvented or Vented hot water systems.  The course covers the necessary design, installation, commissioning and maintenance knowledge, skills and understanding required to safely install unvented systems, including:

  • Legal requirements covering UHWSS.
  • History and options for domestic hot water systems
  • Types and working principles of UHWSS.
  • Design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and fault diagnosis
  • Cold water supply systems*
  • Water efficiency regulations*
  • Vented hot water supply systems (and all related safety including solar, solid fuel, limiting hot water temperature to baths in new dwellings) *
  • Thermal stores*


*as detailed in Approved Document G

Completion of this course provides evidence of an individuals competence in this specialised work area, focusing on the full scope of the hot and cold water supply clauses contained in Approved Document G. The certificate satisfies Gas Safe and OFTEC (OFT 107) requirements for those wishing to apply for an extension of scope to install and commission UHWSS. On completion of the course, holders of the certificate may wish to join a Competent Person Scheme allowing them to self-certificate their UHWSS.

This is a one-day course – half day revision plus half day for a written and a practical assessment.

Training Centres In Sussex & Hampshire