Standards of Service v3.2


These are the standards of service you can expect from Steve Willis Training from the first time you contact us to the end of your training.

Enquiry response

  • We will provide course dates and can secure your booking when you first contact us
  • If you do not wish to make a booking, we will send out the information by the end of the next working day at the latest
  • We will contact you by the end of that day if this cannot be achieved
  • If your enquiry requires more than standard information we will tell you and agree with you when it will be answered
  • The response time will be the same whether you contact us by phone, website enquiry or email.

Telephone Enquiry Standards

  • Our office hours are 08.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday
  • When you ring during office hours we will aim to answer your call within 2 rings
  • Outside office hours you will be directed to our answering service
  • We will respond to messages left on our answering service during the next working day.

Email Enquiry Standards

  • We will answer email enquiries within 1 working day of receiving them – our aim is to respond within 4 hours
  • If we cannot provide a full answer within 1 working day, for example if your enquiry is complex, we will email you to let you know when you can expect an answer.

Enquiry follow-up

  • We will ask you how you wish to be contacted, and follow up in this way – if you want to be emailed, we’ll email you
  • We will follow up your enquiry within 3 working days to confirm you have received the information.

Booking Standards

  • Once you have booked a course with us, we will confirm your booking by email within 2 working days
  • Our confirmation email will include all the details you need for your course, including details of any course pre-requisites

Meeting demand

  • Courses in high demand will run at least once per month – our aim is that you should not wait more than 4 weeks from your initial enquiry to attend a course.
  • This does not apply to courses scheduled to meet external examination dates
  • If courses are oversubscribed, we will run additional courses to meet demand whenever possible.


  • To process requests, we need to have received all the required documentation including your date of birth, NI numbers etc, plus payment in full for your course. We will take your photo when you arrive at the Centre for your certification documents.
  • After your course has finished and we have received everything we need from you, we will aim to process requests for certificates to the certifying body within 10 working days

If we are not meeting your expectations

  • Email our Sales Manager Anna McCabe–
  • Call the office on 01444 870860 and ask to speak to the Sales Team
  • Contact Steve Willis –