Domestic Gas

Domestic Gas Qualifications

At Steve Willis Training Centres, we offer a comprehensive range of domestic gas qualifications at our centres in Burgess Hill and Portchester. Our gas courses and assessments are suitable for experienced gas engineer applicants who can provide evidence of their existing gas qualifications and candidates who are new to the gas industry.

We offer the Domestic Pathway Managed Learning Programme (GGFO) for completely new entrants and offer a comprehensive range of gas courses and assessments for experienced gas engineers and new entrants with transferable skills or experience.

GGFO – Domestic Gas Pathway Managed Learning Programme for new Entrants

For those looking to start a new career in domestic gas or with very limited knowledge of the gas industry, this course will give you a high-quality, structured route to becoming a fully qualified gas engineer.

Domestic Core

Membership of the Gas Safe Register is a legal requirement for any installer wishing to carry out gas work in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, and Guernsey.

To register as a gas installer, you must hold Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) plus certification for the appliances you intend to work on.

Domestic Appliances

These are for engineers who wish to add modules to or already have modules added to their CCN1 certificate.

Assessments may be combined to create a package tailored to your needs, and discounts are available when assessments are booked as a package.

ERS Certificate in Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating

This course has been developed to bring the existing workforce up to date with the current requirements of Approved Document L1A and L1B (Building Regulations – England and Wales).

Our Gas Trainers and Assessors are all experienced engineers themselves and we have a fantastic reputation for fairness while assessing and getting the best from the candidates who come to us. We believe in making sure that every candidate who comes to us for a Gas course, leaves with the knowledge and ability to carry out their work safely and confidently, and we will spend as much time with you as necessary until both you, and we, are happy with your skills.